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Chris Reeves was born October 20, 1965 in San Antonio, Texas to Bill and Twilah (now deceased) Reeves. He is the last of eight children. His parents were married 66 years and his father has faithfully preached the gospel in English and Spanish for over 65 years. Three of his brothers, Steve, Tim and Mark are all faithful gospel preachers. Chris attended Florida College from 1984 to 1988 and received a Bible Certificate. He was awarded a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Florida College in 2000. Chris began preaching regularly in 1984 and worked full-time with the McRae Road church of Christ in Camden, South Carolina (1988-1990) and the Highway 9 church of Christ in Corpus Christi, Texas (1991-1995). He worked with the Memorial Blvd. church of Christ in Springfield, Tennessee for 21 years (1995-2016). He is currently working with the Warfield Blvd. church of Christ in Clarksville, Tennessee (2017 to present). He has also done preaching work outside the country in Mexico, Spain, the Philippines, and Germany.


Chris married Cheri Goodall (daughter of Charles and Vernita Goodall) in 1988 and they have four children, Jessica, Jacob, Mason and Carlin. He writes book review articles regularly for Truth Magazine and was added to its staff in 2001. Chris has written a commentary on Micah in the Truth Commentary series and a workbook on Ephesians in the Bible Text Books series. His book on the New Hermeneutic, “Out With the Old and In With the New,” is also published by Guardian of Truth Foundation.


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