Moral Issues for Teens

Teaching Suggestion: Each topic has a set of notes and a set of questions. The notes are for the teacher to study and go over in class. The questions, of course, are for the student to fill out at home and have ready to answer in class.

Assignment Suggestion: In addition to answering the questions, each student needs to bring a short paragraph explaining in his/her own words the basic point of the moral issue that was studied in the previous class period (include at least three Bible passages in the paragraph). This gives each student the opportunity in class to practice being ready “to give an answer” (1 Peter 3:15).

Class Suggestion: Open with a prayer. Next, the teacher will take up the student writing assignments and read a sampling of each one. The teacher will then go around the class and answer the questions followed by the presentation of the notes. Encourage the student to take their own notes (the student’s own notes will be used to write their paragraph at home).

Class Notes & Questions